10 Things to look for when buying a bed for athletes

10 Things to look for when buying a bed for athletes

Ecosa Matress Review
Ecosa Matress Review

Choose Memory Foam

If this is your first time purchasing a memory foam mattress. What I can tell you; The Ecosa Mattress is worth it and something you definitely need to try. Being an athlete it’s so important to have a good nights rest that will allow your body to recover to ensure you wake up feeling fresh and energized for the next training session.

If you have a partner that tosses and turns. You can say goodbye to this with Memory Foam. The Ecosa allows you to be able to have a peaceful sleep without feeling any movement from your partner. It moulds to your body shape to allow maximum comfort, which allows you to get back into that good sleeping pattern.

Improves Performance

Being an athlete it’s so important to have a good nights rest to ensure you have enough recovery time so we don’t feel fatigued for the next training session. Sleep is so important in our everyday lifestyle and something we need to remember to help us heal and repair. Having a good night’s rest is vital for our overall wellbeing and performance. Especially if we have a good mattress that can allow your body to rest so we can feel fresh and ready for the challenges ahead.

Increases stamina

Choosing the right mattress for you is vital. Being an athlete it’s important to maintain a good sleeping pattern. This will help in your stamina as your muscles will feel recovered and less fatigued so you can have more stamina for your next training session.

A good mattress is vital and something I highly recommend you look at when you do your next purchase. I couldn’t be any happier with Ecosa. It has allowed me to have a good night’s rest each night. Every morning I wake up I have noticed the difference on my body and my energy.

Takes Pressure off your joints and increases circulation

This is my first ever memory foam mattress I have ever had. And I tell you its one of the best mattresses I have ever slept on. Being an athlete your joints are always under stress doing physical activity. Having a memory foam mattress allows your joints to relax and helps with increasing your circulation from this relaxed comfortable sleep. Taking pressure off your joints when you sleep is so important for us athletes so we can allow our body to recover properly and take the pressure off our sore joints.

Mattress is not too hot

When purchasing a mattress it’s so important for the mattress to be temperature sensitive and allows the mattress to breathe. Having a cool mattress is vital for the recovery process for the next training session.

The Ecosa mattress allows just that. With its amazing technology and material they have used, the mattress allows this temperature adjustment.

Provides Support

Having a good memory foam mattress like Ecosa, it allows your spine to be aligned- so your muscles can relax and recover. Sleeping on an Ecosa memory foam mattress I have noticed I’ve tossed less and wake up less, which is something I used to do quite a bit with a normal mattress. Having good support is so important and vital for your everyday lifestyle, recovery and wellbeing and Ecosa has given me just that.

Moulds to your body without sinking to the floor

With the memory foam mattress. It will mould to your body while asleep and go back to its original position, which allows you to have a more even sleep. When you first start sleeping on the Memory foam it does take that first sleep to get used to as its definitely different from a normal mattress. But once your asleep, it’s the best thing ever and you won’t turn back. As an athlete I wish I could travel and have my own memory foam mattress on tour.

Aids in recovery

A good mattress is vital for recovery. Having a good night’s rests helps athletes to maintain optimum performance. Ensure we have a good nights rest, aids in good recovery and helps our muscles to regain strength and relax for the next day of training.

Easy to clean

Removable covers for easy machine wash, especially when your always on the go. Ecosa has made it easy for you to be able to make the mattress last a long time and always be clean. This is so important as many mattresses attract bugs, which can stop you from performing if you every get sick or have an allergy. Now with Ecosa you never need to worry.

Quick Delivery and great customer service

When I purchased my Ecosa mattress the delivery took a few days and was really well managed. The customer service team called me to communicate the delivery date with a follow-up email and tracking number. It took them quick to deliver and not to mention the Ecosa mattress was delivered straight to my door in a box on wheels for easy movement to transport into my home.

Great company and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. A definite must try. You won’t be disappointed.

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